Please follow these instructions to complete the financial education requirement for a Virginia State Employee Loan.
  1. If this is your first VSELP loan, complete the Money Management module and quiz.
    If this is your second VSELP loan, complete the Checking Account Management module and quiz.

  2. Select the appropriate course and click on “Read the Module.”

  3. After reviewing the course information, click on “Take the Quiz.” Fill in your personal information so your score can be reported. If you do not have a personal or work email address, enter:

  4. You must obtain a quiz score of at least 8 out of 10 correct answers. You can retake the quiz if needed. Your score(s) will automatically be reported to the Loan Program Administrator.

For your personal use, we encourage you to download and complete the worksheets throughout these educational modules. To view and print these forms, Adobe Acrobat Reader will need to be installed on your computer. While most browsers already have this program built in, you can also download it for free from Adobe's website. (Mac OS X users can use the "Preview" program installed on your computer to view and print PDFs.)
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